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Section 9 SWOT analysis 2005 15. Section 10 Strategic goals 17. Section 11 Strategic Plan 2005- 2009 18. Appendix One Causeway Museum Service Memorandum of

    Causeway Museum Service

Strategic Development





Section 1 Background 3

Section 2 Mission and objectives 4

Section 3 Collections and venues 5

Section 4 Current staffing and management 6

Section 5 Context 7

Section 6 Core values and assumptions 8

Section 7 Review of Regional Strategy and Plan

     2000 2005 9

Section 8 Stakeholders 14

Section 9 SWOT analysis 2005 15

Section 10 Strategic goals 17

Section 11 Strategic Plan 2005- 2009 18

Appendix One Causeway Museum Service Memorandum of

    Agreement 2002. 22


Section 1 Background

    The Causeway Museum Service was established in 1996 by the four local authorities of Coleraine , Limavady, Moyle and Ballymoney to develop and deliver museum services. In 2000 the Causeway Museum Service partnership issued its first strategy document which set out recommendations and actions it hoped would be achieved in the following five years. Now in 2005 the Causeway Museum Service Committee plans to build on the achievements of the past four years and respond to the changing context within which local authorities and therefore the museum service has to deliver services.

The Regional Strategy 2005 2009 has been drawn up to

    continue to provide strategic direction for the regional museum service and the delivery of appropriate services . This document has been prepared by the Causeway Museum Service Officer in close consultation with senior officers within each Council. The document has been presented for discussion and agreement by Committee in January 2005 and taken through each Council in March 2005.

    In anticipation of the potential structural changes as Northern Ireland progresses towards Local Government re-organisation, this document sets out the broad scope of aspiration which will be supported each year by an annual forward plan to provide the appropriate service response to increasing and new demands on the Causeway Museum Service within the wider societal context.


Section 2 Mission and Objectives

The Causeway Museum Service will provide a high

    quality cost effective museum service that preserves,

    interprets and promotes the heritage of the region for the

    benefit of local people and visitors

For the duration of this Plan the Causeway Museum Service will

    provide the regional structure to

     Facilitate and manage the sustainable development of the

    local museums and their collections for the benefit of past, present

    and future generations

     Provide physical and intellectual access to collections and

    services through exhibitions, education and outreach programmes

     Promote interpretation of local identities and their diverse

    traditions and cultures to ensure the support and inclusion of all

    sectors of our community

     Ensure wider participation and access for all to explore,

    enjoy and learn about the diverse heritage of the Causeway area

    through Social Inclusion and Equality of Opportunity

Ensure that the development of the museums provides other

    societal benefit such as:

    ? Enabling active citizenship by the widest range of people,

    especially our young

    ? Gives context to the present acknowledging the contributions

    of the past.

    ? Producing communities that are visibly attractive to outsiders

    ? Contribute to the local economy

    ? Providing neutral venues

    ? Expressing and realising identities creating increased

    community confidence

Utilise available resources efficiently and effectively

Provide relevant professional advice to independent museums and

    collections in the area


Section 3 Collections and venues

    Each Local Authority within the Causeway Museum Service holds a distinctive and registered collection and provides public access to these collections through exhibitions and programming:

    Coleraine Museum Collection reflects the strategic role of the town through history, important personalities of the Borough, historic art, development of settlements, domestic, civic and commercial history as well as Stone Age evidence of activity. Key stories derive from the Bann River as a communication, trade and resource; a strategic place for defence, education and civic administration; its communities, folklore and culture; natural history and the first settlement in Ireland at Mountsandel. The collection is made available through Coleraine Town Hall and is stored in Civic Headquarters

    Ballymoney Museum collection features a fine collection of artefacts of the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Ages, important Volunteer and United Irish men memorabilia, road racing NI and

    thmaterial relating to the development of the Town in the 19 and th20 century. The collection is currently in storage until new

    premises are made available in the new Town Hall development where plans are underway to present the unique history of Ballymoney Borough and featuring the important local story of Road racing

    Limavady/Green Lane Museum collection focuses on the rural industrial heritage of the Roe Valley agriculture, hydro-electricity

    and linen which is made available through the display in Green Lane Museum Roe Valley Country Park. The new community

    cultural centre in the town will accommodate collections stores, temporary exhibitions and portray the wider contextual history of the Borough and the town

    Ballycastle Museum collection features the intriguing collection of the Irish Home Industries which includes splendid examples of the

    ththIrish Arts and Crafts revival late 19 & early 20 C. Other features

    include the archaeology of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, a collection of historic art and objects relating to local traditions and the Town’s history. The collection is currently stored and

    seasonally displayed in the Old Courthouse and Market building in the Town.


    Section 4 Current Staffing and Management

    The management structure for the Causeway Museum Service is headed by the regional Causeway Museum Service Committee comprising elected representatives and senior Officers from each Council. Advising the Committee on collections development and programming is the Causeway Museum Service Advisory Forum drawing representatives from the community interests in the area.

    Coleraine Borough Council as the lead partner acts as the employer for regional staff and each Council then directly employs local venue staff


    Currently The Causeway Museum Service Officer is the only full time member of staff for the regional service. With the successful application to HLF for a three year pilot project, the Community Outreach Officer will now be appointed through Coleraine Borough Council. Development of the Service as new venues come on stream will be supported by expanded structures as outlined in the Regional Strategy 2000-2004. Volunteers and student placements are welcome and provide additional support from time to time.


    Ballymoney Borough Council has employed a full time museum assistant since 1997. This post was upgraded in 2003 to Museum Manager and currently reports to Director of Leisure and Amenities through the Cultural Services Officer

    Coleraine Borough Council has recently employed a Collections Access Officer who reports through the Causeway Museum Service Officer

    In Green Lane Museum, Limavady, two seasonal staff are employed fulltime for six months, reporting to Leisure Services Officer and Causeway Museum Service Officer

    In Ballycastle Museum, one seasonal post is appointed to keep the museum open for two months, reporting to Tourism Development Officer and Causeway Museum Service Officer


Section 5 Context

     Review of Public Administration

    Review of Public Administration will create new opportunities to develop and deliver the Causeway Museum Service Strategy. Equally it will create new threats. Positioning within the new structures, geographical and hence community catchments may all evolve with reorganisation. Through annual reviews of changing circumstances and forward plans to address strengths and weaknesses, Causeway Museum Service will respond and adapt.

    Regardless of changes, the collections and their communities will still require the functions of museum services which will in turn remain a function of the local government structure..

    DCAL/DOE Local Museums and Heritage Review and the

    Cultural Heritage Forum

As and when the recommendations published by the joint

    departmental response last year are implemented through the Cultural Heritage Forum, the Causeway Museum Service should be positioned to respond for the benefit of our collections and their communities. This currently includes the Northern Ireland Museums Council review of Regional Museum Policy to be

    reported back to the Forum

    Museums Libraries and Archives Council’s new

    registration standards

    All four collections are registered under Phase Two of the Registration scheme. All collections will be taken through Phase three registration. The opportunities to develop further improvements to collections care and access will present differently for all four collections and will be scheduled through our annual Forward Plans


Section 6 Core values and assumptions

1 International Council Of Museums (UNESCO) (ICOM)


" A museum is a non-profit making, permanent institution in

    the service of society and of its development, and open to the

    public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates

    and exhibits, for purposes of study, education and enjoyment,

    material evidence of people and their environment.”

2 Material evidence includes moveable, immoveable and

    intangible heritage

    3 Causeway Museum Service adheres to the ICOM and Museums Association Codes of Ethics for Museums

    4 The Causeway Museum Service Museum Service provides

    ? forward planning and direction to the collections,

    ? staff and venue management role,

    ? sustainable collections development and care,

    ? sustainable and ongoing public access to the collections

    ? positions the partners strategically through partnership and

    promotion at local, regional, national and international level

    ? advice to local organisations on museums, collections and


    and secures grant aid for the partnership Authorities

5 A fully functional museum service likely to be designated

    under recommendations set out in the Local Museums and

    Heritage Review must set standards and provide sustainability in

    direction, policy, staff development, exhibitions, education,

    collections care, documentation and visitor services

    6 The Causeway Museum Service Officer is each Council’s senior museum professional and within Coleraine Borough Council

    has the line management responsibility for staff and collections. In

    the partnership Councils the Causeway Museum Service Officer

    provides a management function to the local collections policies,

    strategic planning, care, programming/access, documentation and

    development. Additional regional posts sit within that context.


Section 7 Review of Causeway Museum

    Service Regional Development Plan 2000 - 2004

The Regional Development Strategy and Plan 2000- 2004 can be

    summarised through major achievements within the five strategic

    goals laid out in this document. A detailed list of achievements can

    be found on Appendix One Annual reports

Strategic Goal One Infrastructure

    governance, policy and procedures, venues, staff,

    training, funding etc

Achievements include

     Establishing the Causeway Museum Service Advisory Forum,

    the adoption of the Regional Development Plan 2000-2004 and

    the five year Memorandum of Agreement

     Policies and procedures have been adopted and developed

    to meet registration and funding requirements

     All collections now have full registration

    The Causeway Museum Service has a level of resource to build on including infrastructure, collections, equipment, networks,

    partnerships and a public and professional profile

     Project based funding of ?61,500 has been secured for

    ?108,000 project value to improve collections care, documentation,

    undertake conservation, provide displays, exhibitions and secure


     HLF funding ?150,500 for a total project budget of ?196,000

    has been secured to employ a three year community outreach

    officer for the Causeway Museum Service and complete associate

    projects and programming across the region

     A Collections Access Officer for Coleraine Museum has been

    appointed for three years with part funding from Northern Ireland

    Museums Council


     The Green Lane Museum is now under management of

    Limavady Borough Council and has become an integral part of the

    Causeway Museum Service

Progress on the capital projects for Limavady and Ballymoney has

    been slowed by unsuccessful applications to Heritage Lottery Fund.

    However Councils’ strong commitments is seeing these projects

    continue in some form. Ballymoney has well progressed plan to

    relocate the collection in a new extension to the refurbished Town

    Hall. Limavady is currently working through the planning process

    with architects to deliver a Community Civic Centre at the Town

    Hall site. In Coleraine progress has been slow due to negotiations

    with potential developers.

Strategic Goal Two Collections care and development

    Environmental controls, acquisitions, documentation, conservation

    Major improvements have been made to the storage for all four collections

    Conservation projects have been carried out in Ballycastle and Ballymoney

    Collections management plans completed for all four collections through NIMC

    Donations including a number of prestigious ones, have added significantly to all four collections whilst grant aid has been

    secured from National Art Collections Fund and NIMC to fund

    important acquisitions for Ballycastle and Coleraine

    With the closure of Ballymoney Museum, the collection has been packed and stored securely until new building completion


    High security display cases have been purchased to protect sensitive objects. Other display cases have been acquired to


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