Giant Print books for ages 0 to 11 (Word 151kb)

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Giant Print books for ages 0 to 11 (Word 151kb)

RNIB Giant Print Library (ages 0-11


    Titles updated January 2009


    RNIB National Library Service boasts the UK‟s first lending service of Giant Print books thanks to funding generously provided by The Wolfson Foundation, Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales, The John Ellerman Foundation, Vision Charity, The Sobell Foundation, The Sandra Charitable Trust, Abbey Charitable Trust, CHK Charities Limited, The Albert Hunt Trust, Good Neighbours Trust and The Big Lottery Fund and many others.

    Produced mainly by the National Blind Children‟s Society, the books are set in 24 point type with covers identical to their counterparts in the ordinary print versions of the books available in bookshops and public libraries.

    The books were originally aimed at children and teenagers with many of the books undoubtedly appealing to adults too. However, the collection is now expanding to the adult age range in its own right (for a separate list of adult‟s titles, please contact us on 0161-


    The collection now also includes some Livewire titles, which are from a range of reading material with a teenage/adult reading interest level for those with reading ages below 10. Livewire titles are in the second giant print catalogue that we have available „12

    to Young Adult‟. Please ask for further details.

    Any UK member of our library service may borrow the Giant Print books. The only limitations at present are that each member is offered a maximum of 6 books per service, and that the books are available to UK members only, although it is possible that these circumstances may be reviewed in the future.

    The books listed in this catalogue are currently part of library stock, and as more titles are added, this list will be updated. The numbers shown in brackets after some titles depict the sequel order of books in a specific series.

    Finally, please be aware that due to their size, many of the books are split into two or more volumes, and these will have identical covers. People often think that we have sent multiple copies of the same book, but this is not the case!

    For details of joining the RNIB National Library Service, or for further information regarding the Giant Print collection, please contact Liz on 0161 355 2061 or Megan on 0161 355 2064.

We hope you enjoy our unique new Giant Print Library.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note:

    Due to the demand and the limitations of our Giant Print books, readers are allowed:

    ? a maximum of six Giant Print titles out on loan at any one time. ? a loan period of 3 months

    ? limited renewals, and dependant on whether other readers have

    reserved a specific title

    Please be aware that it is possible to join an individual child but still have the books sent to his or her school address (the “second address” on the membership application form).

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Liz on 0161 355 2061, or Megan on 0161 355 2064. Thank you for your co-operation.

Giant Print titles



    - It was a dark and stormy night

    - The man who wore all his clothes.

    [Age range 5-7]

    -Each peach pear plum.


    [Age range 0-5]

-Ten in a bed.

    [Age range 8-11]



    [Age range 0-5]


    Little women

    [Age range 11+]

ALMOND, David.

    My dad's a birdman

    [Age range 7+]

    The fire-eaters.

    [Age range 8-11]

    ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. Tales from Hans Christian Andersen.

    [Age range 7-9]


    Billy bonkers.

    Princess Pearl.

    [Age range 5-7]

ARENA, Felice.

    Secret agent heroes. [Age range 7-9]


    Chocolate Moon.

    [Age range 8-11]

AWDRY, Christopher.

    Thomas and the pony show. [Age range 0-5]


BANKS, Lynn Reid.

    -The Indian in the cupboard. (1)

    -The key to the Indian. (5)

    -The mystery of the cupboard. (4) -Return of the Indian. (2) -The secret of the Indian. (3)

     [Age range 8-11]


    Peter Pan.

    [Age range 8-11]


    -Carrie's war.

    -The peppermint pig.

    [Age range 8-11]

BAXTER, Nicola

    The first little fairy

    [Age range 8-11]

    BEANO Annual 2008.

    [Age range 7+]


    - Classroom chaos.

    - Star dreams.

    - Summer spell

    [Age range 8-11]

BIRNEY, Betty G.

    The world according to Humphrey [Age range 8-11]


    -Best stories for eight-year-olds. -Claudine at St. Clares. -The enchanted wood. (1) -Fifth formers of St. Clare's. -First term at Malory Towers. (1****)

    -Five are together again. -Five fall into adventure. -Five get into a fix.

    -Five get into trouble. -Five go adventuring again. -Five go down to the sea. -Five go off in a caravan.

-Five go off to camp.

    - Five go to Demon's Rocks.

    -Five go to Billycock Hill.

    -Five go to Mystery Moor.

    -Five go to Smuggler's Top.

    -Five have a mystery to solve. -Five have a wonderful time.

    -Five have plenty of fun.

    -Five on Finniston Farm.

    -Five on a hike together.

    -Five on a secret trail.

    -Five on a treasure island.

    -Five on Kirrin Island again.

    -Five run away together.

    -The folk of the faraway tree. (3) -Go ahead Secret Seven.

    -Good old Secret Seven.

    -Here‟s the naughtiest girl.(4*)

    - Last term at Malory Towers.

    -The magic faraway tree. (2)

    -The Mr Meddle stories.

    -The mystery of the disappearing cat. - The naughtiest girl again. (2*). -The naughtiest girl in the school. (1*) -The naughtiest girl is a monitor. (3*) - The O'Sullivan twins. (2**)

    - The riddle of the boy next door. - Second form at Malory Towers. (2****) - Second form at St. Clare's.

    -The sea of adventure.

    -The secret island.

    -The Secret Seven.

    -Secret Seven adventure.

    -Secret Seven mystery.

    - Summer term at St. Clare's.

    - Third year at Malory Towers. (3****) -The twins at St Clare's. (1**) - Upper fourth at Malory Towers. (4****) [All above are within age range 7-11]

BLUME, Judy.

    Freckle juice.

    [Age range 7-9]

BOND, Michael

    Paddington at the zoo

    [Age range 5+]

    BRADMAN, Tony. -The magnificent mummies.

    [Age range 0-5] -Smile please

    - The two Jacks. [Age range 5-7] - Robin Hood and the silver arrow.

    [Age range 8-11]

    BRIGGS, Raymond. The snowman.

    [Age range 0-5]

BRISLEY, Joyce Lankester.

    Milly-Molly-Mandy stories.

    [Age range 7-9]

    BROAD, Michael Zombie cows.

    [Age range 8-11]


    British front

    [Age range 8-11]

BROWN, Jeff.

    Flat Stanley.

    [Age range 7-9]

BROWN, Judy.

    -Portia. (1)

    -Pandora. (2)

    -Pancake. (3)

    [Age range 8-11]

BROWNE, Anthony.


    [Age range 5-7]

BROWNE, Eileen

    Handa's surprise.

    [Age range 8-11]

    BURNETT, Frances Hodgson - A little princess.

    - Little Lord Fauntleroy. [Age range 8-11]


    Mr Gumpy's outing.

    [Age range 0-5]

    BUTTERWORTH, Annette. - Jake.

    - Jake the good bad dog. [Age range 7-9]

BYARS, Betsy.

    -The eighteenth emergency. -The midnight fox.

    - The pinballs.

    [Age range 8-11]

    BYNG, Georgia.

    Molly Moon‟s hypnotic holiday.

    [Age range 8-11]


    CARPENTER, Humphrey. -Mr Majeika and the ghost train.

    -Mr Majeika and the school play.

    -Mr Majeika and the haunted hotel.

    [Age range 8-11]


    Alice's adventures in wonderland: and through the looking glass.

    [Age range 8-11]



    [Age range 8-11]



    [Age range 8-11]

CHILD, Lauren.

    I will not ever never eat a tomato: featuring Charlie and Lola.

    [Age range 0-5]


    Time and again.

    [Age range 8-11]

The CHILDREN‟S book of books 2000.

    [Age range 8-11]

CHOLDENKO, Gennifer.

    Al Capone does my shirts.

    [Age range 8-11]


    Snake bite.

    [Age range 8-11]

CLOVER, Peter.

    -Hercules: New Pup on the Block. -Hercules: Operation Snowsearch. -Hercules: Treasure hound.

    [Age range 8-11]

COLE, Stephen.

    Microsoap- my dad is an armed robber. [Age range 8-11]


    -Artemis Fowl. (1)

    -Artemis Fowl : the Arctic Incident. (2) -Artemis Fowl : the Eternity Code. (3) -Artemis Fowl : the Seventh Dwarf. -Artemis Fowl and the opal deception. (4)

- Artemis Fowl and the lost colony. (5)

    [Age range 8-11]

    -The legend of Spud Murphy. [Age range 7-9]


    The elephantom.

    [Age range 0-4]


    The adventures of Pinochio. [Age range 8-11]

COOPER, Louise

    - Short and scary!

    - Short and spooky!

    [Age range 8-11]

COOPER, Susan.

    -The dark is rising. (2) -The grey king. (4)

    -Greenwitch. (3)

    -Over sea, under stone. (1) -Silver on the tree. (5) [Age range 8-11]

COPE, Andrew.

    Spy dog.

    Spy dog superbrain.

    Spy dog 2

    Spy dog unleashed

    [Age range 5-7]

    COTTRELL BOYCE, Frank. - Cosmic



    [Age range 8-11]


    -Juliet Dove, queen of love. -Russel Troy, monster boy [Age range 8-11]

CREECH, Sharon.


    [Age range 8-11]


    -Moondial (retold by John Escott) -Ordinary Jack. (From The Bagthorpe saga).

    - Snatchers.

    [Age range 8-11]

CROMPTON, Richmal.

    William the detective.

    [Age range 8-11]

CROSS, Gillian.

    -Beware of the Demon Headmaster.(5) -The Demon Headmaster. (1)

    -The Demon Headmaster strikes again. (4)

    -Facing the Demon Headmaster. (6) [Above are age range 8-11]


    Postman Pat and the big surprise. [Age range 5-7]


DAHL, Roald.

    -The enormous crocodile.

    -Esio trot.

    -Fantastic Mr Fox.

    -George's marvellous medicine. -The giraffe and the pelly and me. -The magic finger.

    -The Minpins.

    -Revolting rhymes.

    -The Twits.

    [Above are age range 7-9]

-The BFG.

    -Boy : tales of childhood. (1) -Charlie and the chocolate factory.

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