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DECA’s Southern Region

Leadership Conference

Information Kit



    Registration and Insurance Summary October 13, 2004, at State Office

    Official DECA Housing Request October 14, 2004, at State Office

    Conference Registration Payment October 13, 2004, at State Office

    Hotel Reservations and One Night’s Deposit

     Payable to Arkansas DECA October 14, 2004, at State Office

    Permission Form Submitted During

     Conference Registration November 12, 2004



    Jim Brock, Arkansas State DECA Advisor

    Arkansas Department of Workforce Education

    3 Capitol Mall, Suite 502

    Little Rock, AR 72201


    Jim Brock, Arkansas State DECA Advisor

    Arkansas Department of Workforce Education

    3 Capitol Mall, Suite 502

    Little Rock, AR 72201




    2004 Southern Region

    Leadership Development Conference

    Conference Registration


    DECA’s Southern Region Leadership Development Conference

    November 12-14, 2004

    Sheraton Music City Hotel

    An exciting program for the 2004 NARCON is in the planning stages right now.

    Look for detailed agendas coming to state/provincial advisors throughout the

    summer. In the meanwhile, the following tentative agenda can be used for planning


Tentative Agenda

    Thursday, November 11 Evening TBD

    Friday, November 12 1:00 p.m.7:00 p.m. Conference Registration

    4:00 p.m.7:30 p.m. Officer Workshops; State/Provincial Meetings

    4:00 p.m.7:30 p.m. Exhibits

    8:00 p.m.9:30 p.m. Opening General Session

    10:00 p.m.Midnight Entertainment

    12:30 a.m. Curfew

    Saturday, November 13 7:30 a.m. State/Provincial Officer’s and State/Provincial Advisor’s


    9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. Exhibits/Workshops

    8:00 p.m. midnight Dance or Activity

    12:30 a.m. Curfew

    Sunday, November 14 9:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. Closing General Session


    Leadership Development Students will participate in career and leadership

    development activities patterned after DECA’s Leadership Development Academies,

    but designed to take them a leap beyond the basic duties and responsibilities of

    leadership. The emphasis of this program will be on the over-the-top skills that will

    help the students exceed expectations of successful planning and people


Student Workshops - Each state/provincial association is responsible for organizing

    and conducting one workshop for and by students. Here is your chance to

    showcase the finest speakers and educational programs your state/provincial 4 association has to offer, and to experience the best from around the region.

    Advisor Workshops A series of workshops will take advisors step-by-step through the ―how to‖ of conducting a successful DECA program. You will have the

    opportunity to learn from the successes of others and get advice on handling some

    of the challenges all advisors face.

    Career Panel Representatives from a variety of professions will give participants an insider view on what it takes to be successful in the business world. Panelists

    will provide an overview of their climb to the top and entertain questions from the


    Competitive Event Coaching Chuck Blood of Cherry Creek High School in

    Colorado, whose teams have achieved an impressive number of competitive event

    wins, will provide tips in coaching your DECA team to victory. Learn the techniques

    that will help to make students successful during competition.

Special MDA Fundraiser State/Provincial Advisors are encouraged to gather

    auction items for an MDA Fundraising Auction held during the conference. More

    details will follow.

Registration Procedure

    Each DECA State/Provincial Advisor must register all student delegates and adult

    advisors in his/her association by completing the UCR disk, which will be provided to

    state/provincial advisors at a later date. All delegates and advisors attending the

    conference are required to register for the conference.

Please mail/e-mail the completed registration files to by the

    received deadline, October 21, 2004. Duplicate copies will be needed when registering

    your delegation on site. Accuracy is extremely important, as this information is used for

    identification badges.

It is the State/Provincial Advisor’s responsibility to verify that ALL delegates meet ALL

    eligibility requirements, including membership.


     ..... Registration Fee (Student, Advisor, Chaperone) payment $135.00 per Adult

     received by October 13 $115.00 per Student

    (Includes Mystery.Comedy Theater and Dinner Ticket as well as DECA planned activities such

    as hockey game, etc.)

     ..... Bus Transportation $100.00 per person


    All changes to the original registration must be submitted in writing to DECA Inc.,

    attention Nancy Kimmer. Please notify Jim at State office and he will take care of this

    item for you.


1. Bring duplicate copies of all registration forms and verification of payment.

    2. Official conference badges, delegate ribbons and meal tickets will be provided at


    3. The balance of registration fees must be paid at registration. If the money is not

    received by October 21, the on-site registration fee will be assessed. The total

    amount should be paid with one check payable to DECA.

    4. Refunds will not be made during the conference; however, conference officials will

    verify the refund. Refund checks will be sent after the close of the conference.


The Board of Directors of DECA Inc. has specified that there must be a MINIMUM OF


    may be any adult named by the State/Provincial DECA Advisor to serve the

    State/Provincial Association in this capacity. He/she must register for the conference, pay

    the registration fee, and be in attendance for the entire period of the conference. There

    are no restrictions on the number of adult advisors who may attend. In reference to the

    required minimum, all coordinators, parents, supervisors and teacher-educators are



     To be eligible to attend DECA’s Southern Region Leadership Development

    Conference, each member must meet the following basic criteria:

    ? Be an active member of a division of DECA. Membership must be recorded on an

    official DECA Membership Roster and be on file at DECA Headquarters.

    ? Have the approval of the State/Provincial DECA Advisor.

    ? Have the approval of the Chapter DECA Advisor.

    ? Have the approval of the school administration.

    ? Have the approval of parent or guardian unless 21 years or older.



Arrangements have been made with MUTUAL OF OMAHA to provide special

    insurance for each state/provincial association’s delegates and advisors registered

    for the International Career Development Conference. Your delegates must be listed

    on the registration form. The policy No. T5MP-056074 has the following broad


     $25,000 Principal Sum for Accidental Death or Dismemberment

     $ 2,000 Medical Expense due to Accidents (the first $25 of expense is


Each person subscribing voluntarily to this insurance will be covered by this policy

    up to three days before the conference (or whenever you leave home to travel to the

    conference, whichever is shorter), during the conference, and up to three days

    following the conference (or until you arrive home, whichever is shorter). Maximum

    GROUP coverage is $750,000 for this conference. Some exclusions include:

    attempted suicide and war. Air travel coverage is limited to passengers. Coverage is

    subject to the full terms and conditions in the master policy. If your delegates desire

    this insurance coverage, the following information must be included on the

    registration forms and mailed to DECA with the premium of $1.25 per person:

    Name of Beneficiary

    Relationship to Attendee

    Home Address of Beneficiary


    If anyone has a claim against this policy, please contact Stephanie Chambers at

    DECA Inc. to receive a claim form703.860.5000 x 237. Also, please make sure to

    Make copies of all medical bills for your file.

    Send completed form with medical bills to

    Mutual of Omaha

    Attn: Special Risk Services

    P. O. Box 31156

    Omaha, NE 68131

     Retain a copy of ALL paperwork for your records.



    2004 Southern Region

    Leadership Development Conference


Hotel Information

    DECA’s 2004 Southern Region Leadership Conference will be held at the

    Sheraton Music City Hotel

     Room Rate

     Single *$148.00

     Double *$157.00

     Triple *$157.00

     Quad *$157.00

     *This rate does not include the 14.25% tax rate.

The rooming list accompanied by the first night’s deposit must be received at the State

    Office by October 13, 2004. Reservations made after this date will be on a space and rate


A limited number of rooms are available on Thursday, November 11, 2004. They are

    available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t delay if your delegation plans to arrive

    at the conference on Friday.

Hotel Registration Procedures

    State/Provincial advisors are urged to adhere to the following suggestions when

    completing the Housing Request Registration Form. This will facilitate smooth and efficient hotel check-in and will assist the hotel in expediting your reservations.

1. Print clearly or type the names; LAST NAMES MUST BE PRINTED FIRST.

2. List the advisor/chaperone in the first room block(s) on the housing form.

3. Following the name, indicate male (A) for advisor or (C) for chaperone and (M) for

    male or (F) for female for each person listed.

4. Indicate the desired room accommodations to match number or names. Room types

    are defined as

     Single - - one person/one bed Double - - two persons/one bed

     Twin - - two persons/two beds Triple - - three persons/two beds

     Quad - - four persons/two beds

    5. A supplemental room list for additional rooms must be attached using the same format.

6. Number the rooms numerically in the number boxes.

7. Prepare three (3) copies, a hotel copy, a DECA Inc. copy and a State/Provincial

    Advisor copy.

     9 8. If arrival information (i.e., airline, flight number, etc.) is not available at the time the

    rooming list is mailed to the hotel, please forward this information at a later date,

    preferably at least 10 days prior to date of arrival.

9. Mail up-dated information to your state/provincial association’s designated hotel if

    substitutions take place after the original rooming list is submitted. The

    State/Provincial Advisor must notify your hotel and DECA in writing of the individual

    change or changes. DO NOT SEND A REVISED ROOMING LIST!

     Example: Maryland Association - High School Division

     Delete Joyce Brown and replace with Linda Black

10. Instruct all persons attending the conference that all baggage should be tagged, listing

    last name first, state/provincial association and hotel.

11. Should a room reservation be canceled, the deposit is refundable only if written notice

    is received a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival and a cancellation

    number is obtained.

     NOTE: The housing Request Registration Form must be sent to the Sheraton

     Music City and to DECA.

Hotel Check In:

    All reservations require a credit card guarantee or a deposit of the first night’s room and

    tax. This deposit is non-refundable if the reservation is canceled within 48 hours of the

    arrival date.

Each State/Provincial Association will be assigned rooms prior to arrival. Therefore, it is

    imperative that each State/Provincial Advisor indicate approximate arrival time. This way

    the hotel can schedule specific times rooms must be available for each State/Provincial


Upon arrival at the airport, the State/Provincial Advisor should notify the hotel of the

    state/province delegation’s arrival. Room assignments and keys will be assembled and

    ready for distribution to the State/Provincial Advisor.

The hotel is on a computer billing system and it is imperative that the data be correct.

    Therefore, please notify the hotel in writing of any changes prior to arrival. Do not send

    fictitious names on your housing forms since EACH name is put in the computer.

State/Provincial Advisors will be responsible for verifying personnel assigned to specific


Hotel Check Out:

    The hotels have been advised to make no charges to student rooms. Therefore, it is

    assumed that no extra charges should be incurred except telephone calls, which are automatic and uncontrollable. Nevertheless, because of the large number of students involved, State/Provincial DECA Advisors are asked to assume the responsibility for all charges incurred by their State/ Provincial Association delegation. If you wish to deviate from this practice, you must work it out with the hotel prior to the conference.

    10 The State/Provincial DECA Advisor should plan to pay for hotel charges when checking out, with cash, traveler’s checks, or credit cards. If you wish to make other arrangements, such as payment by check, you should contact the credit office prior to arrival. Please

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