Future development trend of clean pesticide production-20101124

By Amy Porter,2014-11-14 01:39
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Pesticide Industry Policy points out that clean pesticide production is important. The processing technology of domestic pesticide industrial pollutants has to meet the requirements of environment protection. In 2015, the three-waste emissions, coming from pesticide production, will reduce by 30%, while the rate of derivatives utilization will increase by 30%. Meanwhile, pesticide waste disposal rate will increase to 30% in China. China is the biggest pesticide production country in the world. There are about 2,500 pesticide manufacturers in China. However, most of the manufacturers are small and environment protection technology is backward. The issues of environment pollution are becoming serious. Though there are advanced environment protection equipments, manufacturers can not afford the high operating cost. Taking glyphosate environment protection devices as an example, Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd has invested about RMB50 million in glyphosate environment protection project, and the operating cost keeps RMB20 million each year. The cost is too high for small-scale glyphosate manufacturers to afford it. Therefore, to reduce the environment pollution due to pesticide production on the condition of pollutants which is hard to treat, high investment in environment protection equipment and cleaner production pesticides are particularly important.

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