zhejiang food

By Ronald Turner,2015-03-07 20:30
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zhejiang food

Jiangsu refers to the part of Jiangsu south of the Yangtze River,

    namely Suzhou and Wuxi; while Zhejiang refers to the western part of

    the province, namely Hangzhou and Huzhou. Jiangsu-Zhejiang

    cuisine stresses the use of vegetables, bamboo shoots, mushrooms,

    and water shield, which gives the food a light fresh taste.

    The Jiansu-Zhejiang cuisine has many

    famous fish and shrimp dishes. For

    example, Mandarin Fish Shaped like a

    squirrel topped with sweet and sour

    tomato sauce was praised by Emperor

    Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty as the

    "Number one Dish in the World." West

    Lake fish steamed in vinegar has been famous for centuries, minced perch in Songjiang has been praised for

    millennia, and braised shrimp served with Longjing tea in Hangzhou

    and braised shrimp served with Biluo Spring tea are both very


    Jiangsu-Zhejiang dishes are slightly sweet and less salty, but some

    dishes are cooked with sweet and sour flavors. The use of grain is a

    special feature of this cuisine. They are used to remove the

    unpleasant smells and improve the aroma. Jiangsu-Zhejiang dishes

    are cooked in a similar manner to Huai-Yang cuisine, and importance

    is attached to simmering, stewing braising, boiling in covered pot, and

    steaming. Most dishes are served in delicious soup. The shapes and

    colors are natural, as contrasted with Huai-Yang cuisine.

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