Yanbian University of Science Technology

By Christina Anderson,2014-01-13 03:24
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Yanbian University of Science Technology

     Yanbian University of Science Technology

     Yanji, JiLin 132001



     May 5, 2009

Mrs. ChunHong Piao, FI consultant in ERP

    SK Company

    BeiJing, Capital of China

Dear Mrs. Piao:

    Your ad which is about AIS position really interests me. I believe that I can make

    great contribute to your company.

    I have studied ERP in schools research center. In addition my major is MIS. Above all gives me an advantage to tournament the position. Your companys system is

    really familiar to me. I also have interned at a SAP company which have a direct

    relationship with your company.

    I wish I could get this very rare opportunity to be a member in your firm. Im

    looking forward to meeting you and discussing with my opinion on your company as

    soon as quickly.

     Sincerely yours,

     Haeryung Kwon

    Enclosure: Resume

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