You will receive the following data

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You will receive the following data The first record is the file structure, which is as follows All Available Data Unique ID Company Name 1

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    You will receive the following data.

The first record is the file structure, which is as follows.

All Available Data

    Unique ID

    Company Name 1

    Company Name 2

    Division/Department Name

    Address 1

    Address 2




    Std Code

    Phone Number

    Fax Std Code

    Fax Number

    CEO-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. Managing Director, Chief Executive etc) MKT-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. Group Marketing Mgr, Head of Business Development etc) SALES-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. National Sales Director, Sales Manager etc) FIN-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. Financial Controller, Finance Manager etc) HR-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. Human Resources Director, HR Manager etc) MIS-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. Chief Information Officer, IT Manager etc) ADMIN-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. Administration Manager, Office Manager etc) PUR-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. Purchasing Manager etc) SEC-Title-Initial-First Name-Last Name-Job Title (eg. PA to Chief Executive, Personal Assistant etc)

Group Employees

    Office Employees where available

    Major ANZSIC Division

    Type of Business 1

    Type of Business 2

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