You Are CEO of Your Own Life -

By Stephen Sullivan,2015-03-16 20:04
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You Are CEO of Your Own Life - Take Control and Live Life on Your Own Terms! Maret McCoy, Executive Coach for Women Helping Women Strategically Manage Their ...

    You Are CEO of Your Own Life -

    Take Control and Live Life on Your Own Terms!

    Maret McCoy, Executive Coach for Women

    Helping Women Strategically Manage Their Careers 703.349.6284 EST

    Many of the women I work with seek out my coaching services because they feel their lives have spun out of control. They want to reclaim their power and embark on a journey towards mastery over themselves and their own circumstances.

When these women first call me, they make statements such as:

    ; “I'm spinning in so many directions I don't know which way to turn.:

    ; “I wake up each morning in a panic thinking of all things I have to do.”

    ; “There are so many things I want to accomplish. I feel overwhelmed and don't know

    where to begin.”

    ; “I want to have control over my life instead of it controlling me.”

    Feeling overwhelmed and crushed under the weight of innumerable responsibilities is extremely common. With everything we have on our plates in terms of family, career and personal obligations, no wonder so many of us are frustrated and feel as though we don't have choices. The fact is, however, we do have choices! We have control over the

    large and small decisions we make everyday regarding our professional and personal lives.

    I encourage you to think of yourself as your most important client. What’s more, to crank this concept up a notch, I encourage you to appoint yourself the Chief Executive Officer of your own life!

    Let's look at the life of a CEO. A CEO has to effectively manage all the divisions in her corporation. For instance, here are some of the areas she has to successfully direct: ; Sales

    ; Finance

    ; Public Relations

    ; Research & Development

    ; Human Resources

    Furthermore, each of these divisions has many departments and sub-departments that require strategic oversight and management. Similarly, each of us has to direct the numerous and complex domains of our lives, including:

    ; Career

    ; Family

    ; Relationships

    ; Financial Management

    ; Household Responsibilities

; Physical and Mental Health

    ; Recreation and Fun

    You are in control of each of these domains. Did your mindset change when you shifted from feeling out of control to being the top executive of your personal existence? It is empowering to shift your worldview from one of:

“Defenseless passenger along for the ride with no say in the path you take.”

- to -

“In the driver's seat and in command - steering your life in the direction you want it to


    Why live your life like a rudderless ship? What I'm talking about is what I call: “Living on Purpose.” It is possible to live by design rather than default. I truly believe we are all masters of our own fate. Why wait for your big break or for luck to lead you to success? As the CEO of your own life - You are in charge!


    Effective CEO's examine the tough decisions they are faced with through the lens of their company's values and priorities. For example, Nordstrom, one of the nation's leading department stores, has made a fortune on placing a high value on impeccable customer service. Whereas, Wal-Mart places a high value on offering the lowest prices. Microsoft, on the other hand, cites its main values as innovation and an entrepreneurial culture. These corporations have built world-class empires by adhering to their most deeply held values and priorities.


    There will always be competing demands. Making decisions based on your priorities and most deeply held values allows you to effectively negotiate the myriad choices you face on a daily basis. Your most important values operate as your “north star” and help put the difficult decisions into perspective. Your priorities guide you in making decisions that are the best for your individual situation.

    What are your top priorities? Here is a potential list of things that may be at the top of your list:

    ; Career Advancement

    ; Building Wealth

    ; Reducing Stress

    ; Getting in Shape

; Finding Fulfillment

    Create your own list of top priorities. Write them down and put them in rank order. Then, assess your list and ask yourself: “Are these top priorities currently being honored in my life?” If you find they are not, as CEO, you have the power to make the changes necessary to live your life in harmony with what's most important to you.

    It's about mastery over your life. Remember - You are in control. Best of luck in your newly appointed position as Chief Executive Officer of Your Own Life!

    Maret McCoy is an Executive Coach for women. She helps women strategically manage their careers and obtain the recognition and rewards they deserve. For more professional development articles, a complimentary e-zine and information on other services and resources for women, visit Maret can be reached directly at or 703.349.6284 EST.

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