You Make Me Wanna(Extended)-Usher

By Virginia Lane,2015-03-15 03:51
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You Make Me Wanna(Extended)-Usher

    Title:You Make Me Wanna(Extended) Artist:Usher


    You make me wanna...wanna...wanna...wanna This is what you do

    You make me wanna leave the one I'm with Start a new relationship

    With you

    I think about a ring and all the things that come along with

    You make me

    Wanna leave the one I'm with

    Start a new relationship with you Before anything began between us You were like my best friend

    The one I used to run and talk to When me and my girl was having problems You used to say it'll be okay

    Suggest little nice things I should do And when I go home at night and lay my head down

    All I seemed to think about was you Now what's bad

    Is you're the one that hooked us up Knowing it should've been you

    What's sad is that I love her but I'm falling for you

    What should I do

    Should I...

    Tell my baby bye-bye

    Do exactly what I feel inside

    I don't wanna go, don't need to stay But I really need to get it together At this point

    The situation's out of control I never meant to hurt her, but I Gotta let her go

    And she

    May not understand it

    While all of this is going on

    I tried,

    I tried to fight it

    But the feeling's just too strong You make make make me

    You make me wanna

    The one I use to run and talk to

You use to say it would be okay

All I seem to think about was you

You make me...

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