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    TOEFLSection One: Listening Comprehension

    Part A

1. (A) She has had the man's calculator since

    Thursday. Mondays. (B) The man's calculator is broken. (C) The man should wait for the number' (C) The man may use her calculator. 42 bus. (D) She'll return the man's calculator on (D) She has never taken the bus to the art Thursday. museum.

     2. (A) Buy a different kind of medicine. 8. (A) The man should buy a jacket instead (B) See a doctor. of a suit. (C) Take a second pill. (B) The green jacket doesn't fit as well as (D) Avoid taking any medication. the blue one.

    (C) The style of clothing is more 3. (A) He'll go running after his study group important than the color. meeting. (D) The man looks better in blue. (B) He doesn't agree with the woman

    about the weather. 9. (A) The woman will get to her class on (C) He doesn't like to go running. time. (D) He'll go with the woman this (B) The woman should go to a different afternoon. counter.

    (C) He doesn't like sandwiches very 4. (A) Another friend commented on his much. haircut too. (D) He's having trouble deciding what to (B) The woman has mistaken him for eat. another person.

    (C) He decided to try a new barbershop. 10. (A) Her sister's train is late. (D) A different person cut his hair this (B) Her sister will visit in three months. time. (C) She'll have to leave without her

    sister. 5. (A) The man shouldn't be surprised at how (D) She's eager to see her sister. busy he is.

    (B) The man should leave more time for 11. (A) She's pleased they were invited. his studies. (B) Susan gave them the wrong (C) The man should try to find a different directions. job. (C) They'll probably be late for dinner. (D) The bookstore will be hiring more (D) Susan's house is probably nearby. people.

    12. (A) Buy some orange juice for the woman.

    (B) Borrow some money from the 6. (A) The woman should get more sleep. woman. (B) The woman may be sicker than she (C) Drive the woman to the store.

    realizes. (D) Pay back money the woman lent (C) He isn't sick. him. (D) He doesn't think the woman is sick.

    13. (A) She hasn't worn the dress in a long time. 7. (A) The art museum isn't open today. (B) She doesn't like the dress very much. (B) The number 42 bus doesn't run on (C) She intends to give the dress to her

     - 1 -

    sister. roommate to vote for her. (D) She doesn't remember where her 20. (A) She isn't sure that the author's ideas sister bought the dress. would work. (B) The author isn't an expert in 14. (A) She never cleans the apartment. economics. (B) She's doing a report with her (C) She has a better theory about the roommate. economy. (C) She's too busy to clean the (D) The author spends too much time apartment. arguing about details. (D) She doesn't like sharing an

    apartment. 21. (A) She doesn't agree with the man.

    (B) The man doesn't need an official 15. (A) He'll try to finish the novel tonight. grade report. (B) He liked the novel very much. (C) Official copies of grades used to be (C) He doesn't remember where he put cheaper. the novel. (D) The man should go to a different (D) He's looking forward to the next office. literature assignment.

    22. (A) Take her bicycle to the repair shop. 16. (A) He doesn't like to wake up early in (B) Leave her bicycle outside. the morning. (C) Go to work when it stops raining. (B) The woman seems unusually sad. (D) Check to make sure the garage is (C) There's no special reason for his dry. good mood.

    (D) He wasn't in a good mood when he 23. (A) Others should hear about the man's woke up. accomplishment.

    (B) The man should avoid talking about 17. (A) Get a ride to the station with the his accomplishment. woman. (C) The man's parents helped him gel (B) Take the woman to the station. the scholarship. (C) Borrow the woman's car to go to the (D) The man's parents already told her station. about his scholarship. (D) Drive his car instead of taking the

    train. 24. (A) The course is too difficult,

    (B) The professor changed his mind. 18. (A) Review the assignment by himself. (C) The final exam was cancelled. (B) Wait a few minutes before trying to (D) The woman misunderstood the phone John again. professor. (C) Ask one of John's housemates about

    the assignment. 25. (A) The coffee used to taste better. (D) Go over to John's house. (B) He's surprised that the woman drinks


    19. (A) He won't vote for the woman. (C) He'd rather drink something other (B) He may also run for class president. than coffee. (C) The woman already asked him for (D) The coffee tastes the same as before.

    his vote.

    (D) The woman should ask his 26. (A) Come back later in the day.

     - 2 -

     (B) Join the staff meeting. .

    (C) Wait for the pool to open. 29, (A) The other job wouldn't have paid for

    her tuition. (D) Wait for the competition to begin.

     (B) The woman should have taken the

    other job offer. 27. (A) He'd like to go to the theater Friday

    (C) The woman should get an advanced night.

    degree. (B) He already has a ticket for the

    (D) Paid tuition is only a small benefit. Friday night performance.

    (C) He doesn't think he can exchange his

    30. (A) The man should have signed her up ticket.

    for the class. (D) He rarely goes to the movies.

    (B) The man needs to pay more

    attention in class. 28. (A) She took a history class last year.

    (C) She warned the man not to take an (B) She doesn't trust the man's opinion.

    early morning class. (C) She probably won't take any history

    (D) She thought the chemistry class was classes.

    difficult. (D) She didn't like her sociology



    else's books. 31. (A) To return some business books.

    (B) The man changed his major from art (B) To apply for a new library card.

    to business. (C) To check out some books from the

    (C) The man recently moved off campus. library

    (D) There are two students named (D) To find out where the art books are

    Robert Smith. located.

    35. (A) See if he is related to any of the 32. (A) The library assistant thinks he has an

    students. overdue book. (B) Apply for a job as a library assistant. (B) The books he needs have been (C) Use his middle name. checked out by someone else. (D) Use a different library. (C) The library assistant is unable to locate the books that he needs. 36. (A) Its similarities to previous (D) A library notice was sent to him at architecture. his previous address. (B) Its impressive and distinctive features. 33. (A) To explain why he had difficulty finding (C) Methods used in its construction.

    the library. (D) How it was preserved for later (B) To explain why he couldn't have generations.

    borrowed library books in June.

    (C) To explain why he doesn't yet have a 37. (A) Public market days.

    library card, (B) Races and sporting events. (D) To explain why he needs assistance (C) Processions of priests.

    in locating a book. (D) Speeches by politicians.

     34. (A) The man has mistakenly received someone 38. (A) It was removed by an invading army.

     - 3 -

    (B) It broke off when part of the hall 39. (A) Its lighting. collapsed. (B) Its sound quality. (C) It was cut away to let banners pass (C)