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1 Kyle-season 101 Pilot [Episode opens in the woods. The camera zooms down from the top of the trees onto a clearing. A body, clad in bare skin is seen.] Voice-Over (Kyle): My birth was unconventional, at best. (Camera closes on the boy, covered in a goo-like clear substance. His eyes flicker open) Voice-Over: My first memory was waking up in the forest. (..

Kyle-season 101


    [Episode opens in the woods. The camera zooms down from the top of the trees onto a clearing. A body, clad in bare skin is seen.]

Voice-Over (Kyle): My birth was unconventional, at best.

    (Camera closes on the boy, covered in a goo-like clear substance. His eyes flicker open) Voice-Over: My first memory was waking up in the forest.

    (Kyle looks around, the images are blurred but soon clears)

    Voice-Over: Like a new-born baby, I had no idea who I was, or what was happening.

    (Kyle sits up, he hears birds chirping, and continues to look around)

    Voice-Over: My eyes weren’t sure what they were seeing.(Kyle keeps looking around, then looks and

    flexes his fingers, palm down, covered in a clear substance)

    Voice-Over: Every sight, sound, and feeling was unfamiliar.

    (Hand turns over, palm up, fingers covered in dirt from the forest floor. Kyle looks up, then hears a hiss. Camera zooms in on his right eye as he takes in the sight of a rattle-snake in front of him. The snake is curled, rattling the end of its tail and continues to hiss. Kyle looks at the snake cautiously but doesn’t

    move. The snake then uncurls, and strikes. Quick as lightning, Kyle’s hand reaches out and catches the head and looks at it for a moment, then lets it go. The snake crawls away as Kyle looks.) Voice-Over: Every species is born with instincts that ultimately create a balance with nature.(Kyle starts walking out of the forest, still clad only in clear substance)Voice-Over: Every species except the one I was born into. (Camera fades on the city skyline)

Opening Credits

[Kyle, still in the forest, comes out from behind a tree and hears voices.]

Voice-Over: I came across a beast with two voices. (Kyle walks over to the red tent)

    Voice-Over: I was thankful to have found a companion.

    (Kyle walks toward the partially zipped up tent. There’s a couple inside, engaged and embracing each other. Kyle looks in, and the couple starts screaming.)

(Cars honking, Kyle’s hand is against the sky. He has finally reached the city. Kyle keeps looking up and

    around. A truck zooms past, honking. Kyle looks at the changing traffic lights turn from red to green, then a sign with a grizzly bear “FISHING HUNTING”. Kyle turns his attention back on the traffic. He is on a highway, with dozens of cars and trucks, and a man on a bicycle.)

    (Muffled voices as a woman crosses the street with a girl. She covers the child’s eyes as they pass Kyle. A woman passes by in a car, honking)

    Woman in car: Freak!

    (People gathered around the window in a building. Pointing and laughing. Sirens. Kyle sees a police car. A policeman walks out and walks toward him.)

    Policeman: What’s your name?

    (Policeman covers Kyle up in a gray blanket. Kyle looks down at it)

    Policeman (echoing): Who are you?

    (Kyle continues looking at the blanket, then looks up at the policeman with a confused look. The policeman suddenly moves and puts handcuffs on him. Two girls in the back whisper)

    (Scene opens on a detention center)

    Voice-Over: Soon I was taken to a new place, with fences and sad faces.

    (Kyle in a shower. He looks up at the shower head, which suddenly starts spraying him with water. Kyle ducks. A man brings Kyle into the bathroom. Kyle stands and looks and the toilet but doesn’t know what to do.)

    (Pictures are taken of Kyle holding a board that says, “JUVENILE HOLDING/WASHINGTON

    STATE/JOHN DOE/763464” Kyle reacts as the camera flashes.)

    [A house, the Trager residence. Inside: Nicole Trager stands in the stairs and calls to her daughter]


Nicole: Lori! (Lori is still in bed.)

    Nicole: Lori!! (Lori turns over)

    Nicole: Are you getting up?(Lori suddenly snaps awake as she sees a guy next to her)

    Lori (whispers): Declan!

    Nicole: Like sometime this year?(Both start scrambling out of bed and getting clothes on)

    Nicole: Let’s all have breakfast together for a change. I’m making pancakes! (Both still pulling clothes on

    and gasping)

    Nicole: I think you’ve slept long enough!(Nicole walks toward the door. She starts opening it, Lori is still

    fumbling with her jeans. They duck as the door starts to open. The phone rings. She closes it again and

    walks away. Lori and Declan get up and start laughing.)

    Declan: We…uh…We didn’t get to finish what we started…(Declan advances on Lori. Lori pushes his

    shirt at him.)

    Lori: You, need to get out of here. (Declan laughs as he starts climbing out the window.)

    Declan: Later, Trager. (Lori picks up shoes and throws them out the window after Declan.)

    (Nicole, downstairs on the phone)

    Nicole: Lou, you’re not disturbing me. What’s going on?

    Lou (over the phone): I got someone here I know you’re gonna want to meet. (Lou and Kyle are walking,

    Lou on the phone while Kyle is walking and still taking in his surroundings.)

    Lou: The kid showed up here this morning and he’s, right up your alley.

    Nicole: In other words, no one else wants to treat him.

    Lou (over phone): No, no. It’s not like that. Nobody knows where he came from exactly.

    (Lou and Kyle are walking down some steps with a guard behind them.) But he seems sharp, and he’s…

    Look, you gotta see him for yourself.

    Nicole: I’ll stop by at ten tomorrow.

    Lou: uh… this afternoon ok?

    Nicole: I’m on my way.

    (A boy (Josh) grabs from pancakes from a tray and starts eating it. Lori walks in)Josh: Aah, it’s alive!

    Lori: Bite me.

    Josh: No, thanks. That’s Declan’s job. Lori: Shut up, dweeb.

    (Dad (Stephen) walks in with towel in hand)

    Stephen: Declan?! What happened to Mike Suby?

    Josh: Old news. Declan’s her new flavor of the month. Or the week, in Ms. Skanky’s case.

    Stephen: Knock it off. (to Lori) So, who’s this Declan guy?

    Lori: Just a friend. He’s having a party this week. Can I take the car?(Lori sits down at the table with a

    mug in hand)

    Stephen: We’ll see. (Nicole walks in, with handbag) Nicole: Sorry guys. I have to go out for a bit.

    Stephen: Go out?!

    Nicole: Lou Daniels just called.

    Stephen: Nicole, it’s Sunday!

    Nicole: I know, but it’s urgent. It sounds like a really special case.(Nicole goes to kiss Stephen)

    Josh: They always do.

    Nicole: Save some pancakes for me, ok?

[At the detention center cafeteria: Kyle is given a burger and fries on a blue plate, a muffin and a clear

    plastic fork on a blue tray. Kyle looks around at other kids. Kyle looks at the tables filled with kids, and

    then sits down on an empty seat. The guys see him and leave.]

Guy: Hey let’s roll, man. (The two guys leave. Kyle looks up at them as they leave.)

Voice-Over: For some reason, the more people I saw, the more alone I felt. (Kyle looks across the room

    at a boy with a tough-guy look (Skeeter). Skeeter looks back at him, shakes his head then looks back at

    his food. He picks up his empty Styrofoam cup.)

    Skeeter: Yo, let’s get some juice down here. (Kyle keeps staring at him.)

    Skeeter: Sup, everyone taking stupid pills around here? Juice me!

    (Kyle keeps staring as a woman comes around with a jug of orange juice and fills his cup. The guy starts

    eating his muffin, then realizes that Kyle is still staring at him. Kyle keeps staring, then looks down at his


own muffin. Skeeter is seen eating the muffin in slow motion. )

    Voice-Over: Most of our time is spent trying to lessen the pains of life. I was about to learn how to quash


    (Kyle picks up his muffin and takes a bite. He chews, and then swallows. He takes another bite and

    keeps staring at Skeeter.)

    Skeeter: See some’n you like, punk? You gonna see my fist if you don’t quit eye-balling me.

    (Kyle doesn’t seem to understand and keeps staring while taking bites of his muffin)

    Guy next to Skeeter: Kick his ass, man. (Skeeter gets up and walks to Kyle’s table. Lou comes in just in

    time and puts his hand on the guy’s shoulder) Lou: Be cool, Skeeter. He can’t understand a word you say. He ain’t dissing you, man. (Kyle keeps

    staring and eating his muffin)

    Skeeter: Aight. He keeps staring at me, I’m gonna have to kick his sorry ass. (Kyle looks at him in

    puzzlement at his threat)

    Voice-Over: I had no reason to fear this person. But he reminded me of the snake in the woods, just

    before it struck. (Kyle keeps eating muffin.)

[Kyle is in a yard with other kids. He looks up at the fences. A basketball hits his chest, bringing his

    attention back to his surrounding of other kids. Skeeter comes out into the yard. Kyle sees him and


Voice-Over: I was glad to see a familiar face. But a pressure below my waist was bothering me.

    (Skeeter walks toward Kyle, ready to fight. The other kids cheer him on. Skeeter and Kyle walk toward

    and faces each other. Skeeter, circling Kyle)

    Skeeter: C’mon. Show me what you got! C’mon, put your hands up! Put’em up! You ain’t tough, new kid.

    C’mon, put’em up!!

    (Skeeter stops circling and puts up his fist)

    Skeeter: C’mon!

    (Kyle looks at him, confused. Then he looks at his hands, and makes a similar motion)

    Voice-Over: I wanted to learn his game. But the pain in my belly was getting more intense.

    (Kyle puts down his fists, and Skeeter punches him in the face. Kyle falls onto the ground. The other kids

    cheer. Kyle is stunned. His nose is bleeding. Skeeter looks down at him. Lou comes running out)

    Lou: Hey! (Lou and a guard look down at Kyle on the floor. Kyle touches his bleeding nose)

    Voice-Over: I barely noticed the discomfort on my face. Because inside me, something had flipped, and I

    began to feel… wonderful…

    (Kyle has peed in his pants…people laughing in the back) Lou: Great jobs guys! No rec. privileges for a week! Now get outta here!

    (Lou is yelling at Skeeter. )

    Lou: NOW!!(Skeeter turns around and walks back into the dentention center cafeteria where they had

    come out, head down)

    Lou: EVERYBODY OUT!! (Kyle stays on the ground with his bloody nose and looks at people leave.)

[In a different part of the detention facility]

Lou: Hey, Nicole. Thanks for coming by to see him.

    (Kyle is standing at a counter, making dots on a sheet of white paper with different colored crayons. The

    sound of the crayon rapidly hitting the table is heard.)

    Nicole: Does “him” have a name?

    Lou: Well, the paperwork says John Doe for the time being.

    Nicole: John Doe. What’s a handsome boy doing with a dead man’s name?

    Lou: You know, he kind of reminds me of my brother Kyle.

    (Nicole gives him a look)

    Lou: Eh, he… got all the good looks in the family. Nicole: That’s perfect. (Looks toward Kyle’s direction) Kyle. (Kyle stops the “drawing” and looks up at the


    Lou: Yea, can’t speak a word. But dammed if he doesn’t know what you’re saying. (Kyle resumes the

    “drawing”. Sounds of his crayon hitting the table is heard again.)

    Lou: I’ll be outside if you need me. (Nicole walks over to where Kyle is “drawing”. Kyle continues making

    his picture with apt attention. Quickly dumping one crayon and picking up another color and continues

    his work. Nicole looks on in amazement as Kyle finishes)

    Kyle: I wanted to show her where I’d come from, and what I’d seen


(Kyle lifts up his picture for Nicole. It is a perfect picture of the scene he had seen in the woods, with the

    couple in the tent. It’s like a computer rendered pictures, with each dot being a different pixel of the

    picture. Nicole’s jaws drop at it, and Kyle follows suit, the opening of the mouth. Nicole sees and closes it

    quickly, and Kyle does so with a pop, and smiles. Nicole does too.)

[Nicole, Kyle and Lou are in another room, with a see thru glass. Kyle is looking thru the glass into the

    other room, behind him, Nicole and Lou talks.]

    Nicole: So let me understand, the boy has no family that you know of, he doesn’t communicate, and he was found just wandering alone in the city.

    Lou: That’s all his booked-in shelter folder said, no missing person report, nothing. There is, one more

    thing you should see. (Lou reached to turn Kyle around. Kyle does, and Lou lifts his shirt up.)

    Lou: No belly button. (Kyle’s stomach is shown smooth and flat.)

[Trager residence: Getting ready for a Chinese take-out dinner. Stephen is dumping Chinese food into a


Stephen: They’re never going to go for this

    Nicole: Oh, it’s just for a few days. (Josh and Lori come in) Josh: Finally, I’m starving.

    Lori: Did you get Lo Mien?

    Stephen: Alright, hold on a minute, your mom’s got something to talk to you about.

    Nicole: I have a new patient, and the place where he’s staying isn’t safe. So, I’m bringing him here for a

    little while.

    Lori: You mean some mental patient is gonna live in our house?!

    Nicole: He’s not a mental patient. He’s a very sweet, very special boy.

    Josh: You know what very special means, probably drool all over the house.

    Nicole: I have to say. I had thought, I’d hoped, that you would both show a little compassion.

    Lori: I don’t even know this kid.

    Josh: I don’t want him touching my things. (Stephen, at the sink) Stephen: Alright! That’s enough. If your mom says he’s coming, he’s coming. And that’s final. (Lori takes

    the eating utensils; Josh takes the paper towels from Stephen and both walk disgusted to the dinner


[Outside the Trager house. Nicole has brought Kyle home and is walking him from the car to the house.

    Nicole opens the door, and lets Kyle step into the house]