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TUM is one of the German universities that create strong partnerships with Asian education The LAOTSE-Programme is made up of one or two terms at TUM in

Global peace and prosperity require mutual understanding and cooperation between

    Europe and Asia. TUM is one of the German universities that create strong partnerships

    with Asian education institutions and industries. The LAOTSE-Programme (Links to Asia

    by Organising Traineeship and Student Exchange) was created in 1998 by TUM.

    This programme offers an opportunity for students to improve their global

    competitiveness by providing them with experience in studying and working abroad.

    The exchange programme aims at the development of the individual personalities and

    intercultural communication skills of the participants, enabling them to establish

    an international professional and personal network. The program covers exchange with

    more than 20 partner universities.

    The LAOTSE-Programme is made up of one or two terms at TUM in combination with an

    industrial internship. International students can also apply for study at TUM without

    an internship. An internship without study at TUM, however, cannot be completed under

    the LAOTSE student exchange programme.

    There is no university grant included but all partner universities waive tuition fees,

    enrol the exchange students during the full period and offer placement assistance

    in on-campus housing facilities. Travel costs, living expenses and the costs of

    medical insurance will be borne by the exchange students.

    The LAOTSE participants are expected to find their own internships. These can be

    completed before or after the term of study according to the understanding reached

    between the company and the student. The receiving institution will assist, as far

    as possible, the students in their search for the internship.

    The following links offer more information:

    ? about jobs and possibilities for an internship as well as tips for job searches

    and internet addresses

    ? companies seeking interns with addresses, contact persons, phone numbers,

    fields of activities

    ? research projects or internships at the faculties of TUM

    All LAOTSE participants must be preselected by the home university. Once they have been selected, their applications will be sent by the home university to the

    International Office of TUM. The partner university selects students for the LAOTSE

program according to performance, commitment and language skills and nominates them

    for the exchange visit. Applications sent directly to the TUM International Office

    won’t be accepted.

    ? Online application printed and signed by applicant and bearing signature and

    stamp of the international office of the partner university.

    Notice: Please fill out all the fields of the form. The fields that are marked

    with an asterix (*) are compulsory. Then please click on "save". Please check

    all details to see if they have been correctly entered. If yes, click on "next".

    Your data now is successfully transmitted. Please choose LAOTSE in the field

    Planned Studies, Exchange Programme.

    Important: The online application form already contains the application for

    admission to the TUM.

    ? a one-page letter of motivation in English stating your reasons for applying

    to TUM

    ? curriculum vitae

    ? study program (signed by your departmental coordinator)

    ? transcript of records (all the grades you have attained at university so far)

    ? passport photo (no scanned photo!)

    Your application documents are then checked by members of your faculty at the TUM,

    after which you will receive confirmation from the person in charge of the program.

    It is that you have officially been accepted as an exchange student under this program.

    ? 31st of May for students, who would like to study at TUM during the winter term

    or the whole academic year

    ? 31st of October for students, wo would like to study at TUM during the summer


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