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    Book 2 Unit 3

    Amazing People

    Period 2 reading

    I Lead-in

Talk about some amazing people

    1. Who are they?

    2. What do you know about them?

    3. What useful changes have they made to the way we live today?

    4. Do you have a hero? Who and why?

    II Presentation of the reading passage with the picture of Howard Carter

     Ask Ss to talk about the pictures in the textbooks.

III Reading strategy ---Prediction

    Predict information in advance with the help of the title 1. What might be the connection between the title ‘The curse of the mummy’ and

    Howard Carter?

    2. What might be dealt with in the passage?

    Read the first paragraph and make the prediction more specific 3.

    1). Read the first paragraph and see if it agrees with their anticipation.

    2).Predict what the following paragraphs are likely to discuss with the help of the

    information in the first paragraph.

IV Reading

    1. Read the rest of the passage and check their anticipation. 2. Read and find the main idea of each paragraph

    . Match the summaries with the right paragraphs (see ppt)

    1).There is a scientific reason why people died after entering the tomb.

    2). Howard Carter did not go to school and later became an explorer.

    3). Lord Carnarvon died after Carter had opened the tomb.

    4). Harward Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun.

    5). A short introduction of Howard Carter’s life story.

    6).The mystery of Tutankhamun’s tomb has never been fully explained.

     7). More people died after Carter’s discovery.

    8). People keep wondering why so many people died and have suggested all sorts

    of possibilities.

    3. Read and divide the passage

    How many parts can this passage be divided into according to the content? What’s

    the main idea of each part?



1) Brief introduction about Howard

    2) His most amazing discovery.

    3) Consequences of the discovery.

    4) Different explanations of the consequences. 4. Reading for details about each part 1) The first part

    Howard Carters personality

    His schooling

    His discovery

    2) Detailed reading about his greatest discovery

     Finish the following diagram (see ppt)

    Characters Who was he? How did he die? When did he