Letter Writing (Samples and Instruction) My dearest friend

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Letter Writing (Samples and Instruction) My dearest friend, Recently I have noticed a habit of yours that is becoming a serious problem. It is your smoking. As long as you are in, our bedroom is filled with terrible smell and the ashtray is always overflowed with cigarette butts. You are ruining your he..

     Letter Writing

    (Samples and Instruction)

    My dearest friend,

    Recently I have noticed a habit of yours that is becoming a serious problem. It is your smoking. As long as you are in, our bedroom is filled with terrible smell and the ashtray is always

    overflowed with cigarette butts.

    You are ruining your health smoking. Nicotine in the cigarette not only destroys your brain cells, but also damages your lungs and windpipes. Heavy smoking correlates highly with cancer.

    The scientists have already proved that, and I am not scaring you.

    Smoking harms not only your health, but also of others around you. Our roommates sometimes have to stay away from the dormitory for fear of the terrible smell. As a result, the

    brotherhood among us is gradually fading. So you see the bad effects of smoking outweigh the

    good feeling by a large margin.

    It is quite to quit this habit if you are determined to give it up. Where there is a will, there is way. We will always be of your help.

    Yours truly,

    Shi you

    A Letter to the Mayor

    Mr. Mayor,

    As a senior citizen of this city, I noticed from the City News on City Channel that you smoke in various occasions. Obviously, you are a heavy smoker and have addicted to this habit for years.

    I guess as the mayor of the city, you must be very busy and dont have time to give a serious

    consideration of such trifle. However, in my opinion, it is no trifle at all. Within the city, the mayor

    is the most influential public figure and sometimes he is respected as the model of life for children.

    The mayor smokes too Students who are advised to quit smoking would thus justify their

    behavior. Outside the city, a mayor is the representative from who people form their impressions

    about the city and the city people. Therefore, considering your social status and influence, it is

    important for you pay attention to proper behavior.

    Citizens in this city all know that you are not only a tactful statesman, but also a high-educated intellectual. I think it is the most improbable that you neglect the fact that modern

    science have approved that smoking does great harm to the smokers health as well as the health

    of those who breathe the second-hand smoke. We all admire your wisdom and your knowledge

    and hope you will make a wise choice between smoking and living healthily, not only for you, but

    also for all the people of this city.

    I personally used to be a cigarette addict, but I gave up the habit at the age of 56 when I realized the harm of smoking. From my personal experience, I can assure you to quit smoking is

    nothing difficult if you make up your mind to give it up. People all over the city will give you

    encouragement on that.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gong Ming







    Dear Mrs. Li, May 5,2003

    We should be very much pleased if you and Mr. Li would dine with us on Wednesday at 7

    0clock. (诚挚邀请对方参加晚宴)It will be quite a small party, as we have only asked Mr. And Mrs. Anderson and Miss Chang Ling, all close friends of ours. (简单介绍晚宴的内容与参与

    )We trust you will be disengaged and able to give us the pleasure of your company.(再次表示


    Truly yours,







    Dear Mr. Tom,

    Please accept our hearty thanks for your kind invitation to your hoe dinner on Wednesday.

    Thank you for including us among limited number of your guests. You may be sure we will join

    you on that day and we are looking forward to the pleasure of being with you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Hong


    We are delighted to accept……

    It is with great pleasure……

    We are sincerely happy to join you……







    Dear Mr. Tom, May 6,2003

    We are very appreciative of your so warmly including us among your selected guests for

    Wednesday. Most unfortunately, however, we shall be unable to avail ourselves of your kind

    invitation on account of a previous engagement for the same day. I have ordered the Xinxin

    Department Store to deliver you a trifle, which please accept as a humble token of our felicitation

    on the party.

    With best wishes for a very jolly home diner.

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Hong


    I shall have to say no to your kind invitation……

    Very regretfully,……

    Unfortunately, it will be impossible……

    Because of, we find we cannot……







    Dear Mr. Wallash, April 12, 1999

    I m sincerely grateful for your generous recommendation, I am now a post-graduate of the

    History Department of California University and I will begin my study here tomorrow. (表示感

    )The Dean of our department, Pro. Hopkins did read your letter carefully and said he was glad

    to have a student of yours in his pleasant experience of working together with you in Beijing

    University and expressed his wish to invite you a visiting scholar to our department. (解释感谢的

    原因)Than you again for your help in recommending me as a postgraduate.(再次表示谢意)

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Hong


    I don

    t know how to express my gratitude for you……

    I cannot tell your how much I owe you……

    It was thoughtful(more than kind, generous, etc)of you……

    Thank you again for your generosity(hospitality, generous help, etc……)




    Dear Tom, May 12,2004

    I just write to express my heartiest congratulations on your moving into your new house. It is

    really good news you have at last a house of your own designing, located on a scenic hillside. I

    can imagine how happy you and your family are. I do wish to call to see you and your new house

    one of these days.

    With best wishes to you and your family.

    Yours sincerely,



    I am writing to express my heartiest congratulations on your……

    Accept my sincere congratulations from the bottom of my heart on your……

    I wish to congratulate you on your finishing high school and entering QingHua University.

    I am much delighted to hear/learn you have passed/wonAs one of your friends I am very proud of you.

    Its the kind of news I like to hear, because it proves once again a hard-working always gets

    ahead. Let e offer my warmest congratulations. I know you are going to be a great success in…




    Dear Wang ling, March 6,2001

    I am terribly sorry you have been fined by the library for not having returned the book on

    UFO on tie. It is all my fault, which caused you so much trouble. I took the book away without

    letting you know. I am writing to express my apology and I will give you the money the amount

    you have been fined. I sincerely hope this incident will not destroy our friendship.

    Sincerely yours,

    Zhang Liang


    I write to apologize for having caused……

    Please accept my apology for……

    I am writing to express my apology for……

    I am sorry for ……

    It is all my fault I have made you……

    I regret I have caused……



    目的,申请的原因以及对自身情况的介绍。例如: Dear Sirs, April 16,2001

    With reference to your advertisement in the China press this morning I beg to offer myself for

    the position as a salesman.

    I am 22 years old and expect to get the bachelors degree on Business Management this

    summer. During my four years college life, I served as the chairman of Students Union of the university for two years. I had three years experience as a salesman in the house of Mothercare. I am punctual, energetic and read to be contributive to your company.

    I hope you may arrange an interview with me soon. Dial 130-51511515 if you need to contact

    me. I will be always available on this number.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Li Hong






    Dear Ling, July 12,2002

    It is my pleasure to recommend Liu Gang for your consideration as he applies for the post as

    a market analyst in your company. He is a young man of my acquaintance. And I have known him

    and his famil for sometime. This young man is ambitious, capable and reliable. I hope you can

    find a place for him.

    Your friend,

    Wang Tao


    I take pleasure in recommending to you Mr. Liu wei who hopes to attend your college for

postgraduate studies

    Please allow me to recommend Chang Ling as a candidate, who, in my opinion, is qualified


    It is my pleasure to recommend George Blake for your consideration as he applies for. In

    your company……

    I take the liberty to introduce……

    I have the honor to introduce to you……

    This is to introduce to you……

    With reference to your advertisement on the local newspaper I beg to offer myself for the

    position as an accountant.

    I write to apply for a position as a typist……





    Dear schoolmates, May 4,2004

    As part of the activities of Project Hope, we will organize several groups of students of

    different specialties o help the pupils with their studies in the western part of our country from

    July 14 to August 20. Those who are voluntary to offer their help should enroll their names to the

    Students Union before June 27. We believes these volunteers will also benefit a lot from this


    Students Union

    Voluntary Blood Donation

    Dear fellow students, May4, 2004

    It is advocated by the Students Union the students of this university voluntarily donate blood to the Red Cross. Blood donation is a kind of charity, which is not only beneficial to the society

    but also to the donators themselves. Giving is receiving. Today we help the others; tomorrow we

    may be helped by the others. Those who are ready to join the line go to the university clinic before

    8:00 am.

    Students Union


    This is to announce /declare that.

    A is organized by to. .

    A will organize a. too….

    A is advocated and sponsored by to.

    Whose who are…. welcome to take part in…

    Whose who…. will benefit/learn a lot from…




    Dear Xiao Li, April 5,2003

    I have to be absent from Professor Wangs class tomorrow morning because my father will have a surgical operation. I must go to the hospital to be with him and take care of him. So I want

    you to tell Professor Wang that I cant attend his class and that I will make up what I have missed.

I will appreciate if you do this for me.

    Truly yours,

    Zhang weir


    I am writing to ask you to do/tell…

    Would you please tell…. that…

    I just want you to tell…

    Xiao li asked e this morning to tell you…

    Xiao li called and left a message for you, saying…

    Xiao li says he will be very grateful to you if you…




    Dear Sir, June 8,1999

    With reference to your advertisement on the local newspaper that your company will start an

    intensive computer class. I want to be enrolled in that class, but dont know what specific courses

    will be offered, who will give the lessons and how much I should pay for the whole training.

    Would you please be so kind as to let me know more about it? I will be very grateful if you

    provide me with more details.

    Sincerely yours,

    Helen Qin


    With reference to your advertisement on the local newspaper I want to know more about…

    I have learned from that you will I just want to know specifically about

    It is reported that.

    Would you please be so kind as to give me more information about?

    I would appreciate very much if you can provide me with more details about.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.




    Dear roommates, February 20,2002

    Our room used to be very tidy and clean. But recently things went to opposite. Some of you

    littered here and there; some kept their unwashed clothes with bad smells under the bed, some left

    their dirty shoes and socks on the floor. All these have made our room very messy. Dont you

    think we should do something to stop this so as to live in a tidy and clean place again?




    I write to show my great anger at your.

    I am writing to protest against your.

    My complaint about your. Is based on the fact that..

    Hope you will improve your.

    It is high time you took some measures to solve.

    I sincerely hope such things will never take place again.




     Dear jimmy, September 11,2003

    I am sorry to hear you are hospitalized due o a high fever. Are you feeling better now? Dont

    worry and take it easy. I will come to see you as soon as I am free. I hope you will have a quick

    recovery and play badminton with me soon.




    I am sorry to learn/hear you.

    It is really a pity that you failed in.

    I felt surprised that you.

    Dont worry about your you will soon become

    Dont lose heart; withyou will be successful in the future.

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